About Us

Bryan and Alex

Hi, we’re Alex and Bryan! And like you, we fuel ourselves with food. But the premium stuff. Just because you’re trying to hit certain health or fitness goals doesn’t mean you should sacrifice flavor — and that’s where we come in!

Meet Alex

Alex is all about strength training. She loves a good leg day, and has been focused on lifting heavier for about the past two years. But, as many of you know, starting your “fitness journey” can be tough and confusing, especially as a woman. 

You’re worried about getting “bulky.” You’re scared of eating too many carbs. You’re self conscious that you can’t lift as much as the guys in the weight room. You’re hypersensitive about only putting clean foods in your body. All until you figure out what works for you.

For a long time, Alex thrived off lean meats and kale, and while she’ll standby a good kale, sweet potato, ground turkey scramble, she wanted to find nutrient-dense recipes that she was excited to eat. She’s been known to experiment in the kitchen to find delicious, healthy meals to satiate her circuitboards, and to blend in with the local health nuts in sunny Southern California.

Meet Bryan

Bryan has spent many years in the kitchen exploring the technical, scientific, and cultural aspects of cooking American, Vietnamese and pan-Asian cuisine. He currently follows an IIFYM diet with a 5-7 days a week workout routine. Weight gain has been the goal for the last nine months, and he’s been steadily increasing weight at the gym and on the scale! The IIFYM diet is pretty lenient, but he knows keeping it healthy lets him feel better throughout the day, and push harder at the [home] gym.

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We love to hear from you! If you have questions, feedback, recipe ideas, or partnership inquiries email us a fueledwithfood@protonmail.com.